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Twin Screw Extruder - Granule Series

-Suitable for PVC-U and PVC-P granulee production
-25D, 26D and 33D extruder screw lengths
-Output range from 300 kg/h to 1400 kg/h
-High specific output for gentle plastification of PVC material
-High melt homogenity
-Uniform PVC granule sizes
-Touch screen control panel
-User friendly software developed by Mikrosan
-AC servo motor and drive
-High-torque gearbox
-Screw internal water thermal regulation
-Equipped with degassing zone
-Different material feeding options for stable production of PVC-U powder
-All commercial parts made in Turkey and Europe
-The pipe series parallel twin screw extruders have proven and robust machine technology for stable and efficient production.
-Screws and barrels are specially designed according to the application and customer requirements.
-Screw and barrel are completely manufactured in Mikrosan including all heat treatment and nitriding process.