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Profile Haul-off Unit

-Suitable for different kind and shape of profile production
-The width of profile is up to 900 mm
-High pulling force without lose the shape of profiles
-Equipped with 2 caterpillars
-Using vector motors for constant pulling force
-Completely closed and secured machine for maximum safety
-Simple operation
-AC servo motor and drive
-Upper caterpiller pressure on the profile is adjustable by pneumatic valve
-Pulling pads are produced with special rubber for long life time
-Equipped with belt or rubber pads
-Optional quick change system for haul-off pads
-All commercial parts made in Turkey and Europe
-Special pulling pads can be provided for different shape profiles.
-Designed according to occupational health and safety.
-Optional, upper caterpiller pressure on the profile is sensitive adjustable by pneumatic valve and motor.
-Chain conveyors with neutral rubber pads on chains that do no mark the profile.
-Synchronization with the extruder allows control of the extrusion speed.