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Pipe Haul - Off Unit

-Suitable for continuous pulling of PVC, ABS, PC, PE and PP solid-wall pipes during production
-Pipe range from Ø6 to Ø630 mm
-Line speed is up to 250 m/min
-High pulling force without lose the shape of the pipes
-Equipped with 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 caterpillars according to the application
-Using vector motors for stable pulling force.
-Motorized positioning of the lower caterpillars
-Simple operation
-Completely closed protection for maximum safety
-All commercial parts made in Turkey and Europe
-Chain conveyors with special rubber pads on chains which do no mark on the pipe.
-Synchronization with the extruder screw speed allows stable production during changing the production speed.
-Can be integrated with gravimetric dosing system for constant pipe unit weight during production.